2015 saw the Santa Barbara Bowl Foundation support the Girls Rock Santa Barbara program. Kenny Slaught believes that music is a means to empower young girls, and is therefore convinced the organization creates a supportive environment fostering the development of self-esteem and creativity in kids. Participants take music lessons, partake in workshops, and give performances. They challenge typical gender stereotypes, work with each other, and practice tolerance. Girls Rock Santa Barbara is a perfect representation of the Santa Barbara Bowl Foundation’s emphasis on making music and the arts accessible to everyone.

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The annual symposium allows teachers, musicians, charitable donors, and local not-for-profits to visit with students and members of the community to discuss the state of arts education in Santa Barbara. This important program provides the foundation for creating better, more productive programs in the future. More education outreach initiatives include collecting instruments for needy students, grants to community programs that wish to benefit from the resources at the Santa Barbara Bowl, and scholarships for college students studying the performing arts. The foundation also funds a children’s program at Cottage Hospital and many in-school and after-school programs, particularly in neighborhoods affected by the concert season at the Santa Barbara Bowl. The Notes for Notes program aims to provide students with free instruments and music lessons, and a large volunteer committee facilitates this education outreach, notes Kenny Slaught.

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Both individuals facing death and their loved ones have to deal with anticipatory grief as the unavoidable draws near, notes Kenny Slaught. He notes an unmatched level of professionalism and compassion that the dedicated staff of Hospice of Santa Barbara has demonstrated to help loved ones and those with terminal illness confront and handle this grief in constructive ways so that they can enjoy their final days together with minimal stress and anxiety. Facing this grief directly can boost communication between loved ones and allow for saying what needs to be said and achieving a sense of closure, which can ease the grieving process after the loss occurs.

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Continued supporter of outreach initiatives, Santa Barbara-based entrepreneur and leading force in the real estate sector, Kenny Slaught gladly embraces Hospice of Santa Barbara’s various initiatives aimed at helping those who suffered hardship in their lives to learn to experience joy and meaningfulness again through empathy and self-care. In keeping with his intentions as a visionary, he advocates for the Hospice of Santa Barbara’s Anticipatory Grief Services program and continues to educate the broader public about the importance of social support, particularly for people who have experienced the loss of those closest to them. With this goal, Slaught recently promoted these programs on his blog, available at KennySlaught.com.

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