Santa Barbara City College has maintained a great reputation for training professionals who work in the field of network support. According to successful entrepreneur Kenny Slaught, “your valuable time will be wisely invested studying this promising and useful program.” Network engineers handle the computer network within a company, providing employees with the best technological applications in connectivity as well as data management. As it happens with numerous jobs in communications technologies, career opportunities are strong and increasing in numbers every year.

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While serving as founding principal and president of Investec Real Estate Companies, Kenny Slaught has boldly led his investment, management, and development firm through several market cycles with continued success. As a key figure in the Southern California residential, commercial and industrial real estate markets for over thirty years, he has weathered unexpected variance and bested trends. With his wide-ranging experience and in-depth knowledge of the acquisitions that shape the state he has called home since childhood, Slaught provides his insights about the unique nuances of the California market; these distinctions include the ability to identify purchase opportunities and pitfalls, and an astute knowledge of the numerous extraneous influences affecting the Golden State.

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New intuitive software and mobile applications, says Kenny Slaught, the owner of one of the most successful property management enterprise in Santa Barbara, are giving investors and builders more options for lending and borrowing opportunities across a variety of real estate asset classes and geographies. California’s peer-to-peer lending projects emerged with the adoption of the Jumpstart Our Business Startup (JOBS) Act in 2012, significantly democratizing the ways in which sponsors can raise funds for real estate acquisitions and development. The new act allowed the previously banned practice of advertising, openly soliciting private funding from accredited individuals and firms. Individuals with a net worth of $1,000,000, excluding ownership of their personal residences, or with an annual income of $200,000 or a household with $300,000 if filed jointly with a spouse, can become an accredited investor. The amendments gave allow individual borrowers and lenders to participate in debt and equity financing, where loans generate income in the form of interest, without a sanctioned financial institution involved in the process. The online marketplace has created a new way for property owners and funders to browse investment offerings, perform due diligence, and have access to dashboards which track how assets and financial products are performing.

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Technological development has revolutionized America’s real estate industry, making the property management sector more efficient and profitable. Platforms that offer numerous online collaborations and –most importantly –workflow automation are increasing in popularity, in large part due to their ability to provide prompt access to accurate and consolidated data and information flow. Kenny Slaught, the president and founder of Santa Barbara-based Investec Real Estate Companies, shares his insights into how California developers can best apply innovative models and cyber operations in their business strategies.

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Almost 100 years ago, famous architect George Washington Smith was the inspiration for the California movement called the Spanish Colonial revival. George was a man who actually dropped out of Harvard and eventually became a successful bond trader. Once a successful businessman, he moved to the Santa Barbara area anticipating a relaxing lifestyle and planning to work on his painting interests. What came as a surprise was that everyone loved the house he had designed, prompting him to continue designing architectural masterpieces for other Californians. Using authentic materials from Spain and merging new and old world inspiration, George Smith’s designs are sought out and enjoyed for their simplistic beauty and complex design. George is known as a founding father of Santa Barbara and other architects have mirrored his style for many generations. Santa Barbara real estate developer, Kenny Slaught has always admired the keen eye and attention to artistic detail that is found in George’s works and those that followed him.

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