“These grants are meant to spur on new discoveries that could ultimately save millions of lives,” said Chris Wilson, director of Global Health Discovery at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. “GCE winners are expanding the pipeline of ideas for serious global health and development challenges where creative thinking is most urgently needed.” Where human lives are concerned, Slaught is convinced medical research and practice need expanding horizons for timely and holistic global health interventions.


The project applauded by Kenny Slaught works towards the protection of the old-fashioned character of physical building while also providing for ground-breaking upgrades. Furthermore, through fortifications like seismic upgrades, both the building and the tens of thousands of pieces of art inside will be better protected. The plan also creates 25 percent more gallery area to make the museum an even better center of the Santa Barbara community. In short, the revamp project is the most inclusive ever commenced by the museum.

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After just a few years in the market, crowdfunding boosted over 150 startups nationwide, largely specializing in real estate. Today, nearly 7% of the U.S population is an accredited investor, and in a dense setting like Southern California, this number is 20%. Software platforms, such as CrowdEngine, RealtyShares, CrowdForce, and more, make it possible to legally raise money from the general public, with some going as far as attracting 90% of equity requirement through direct community contributions. Data analytics applications like Rentlytics, on the other hand, give owners greater transparency into the performance and management of their portfolios. With a robust background in developing state-of-the-art properties for the past 35 years, Kenny Slaught believes that, in real estate tech, California is among the most active states in the market right now. Using cutting-edge innovation tools to pool capital, borrowers and sponsors have raised more than $53 million through 90 residential, multifamily, and commercial properties in Sacramento, San Francisco, and beyond.

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Kenny Slaught emphasizes that many families look to the hospice for counseling and support options. For those in need, the hospice provides individual, group, and family counseling at no charge. These therapy sessions deal with the pressing issues surrounding death and dying, with a focus on the various aspects of emotional, mental, and spiritual wellness that benefit individuals in these situations. For those who cannot come to the Hospice itself, there are counseling sessions at safe locations throughout Santa Barbara. Studies continue to show that presence in counseling sessions early in the grief process can noticeably reduce the risk of unprocessed grief manifesting in the future. Moreover, researchers have found that counselors trained in handling death-related issues have a greater impact on individuals experiencing a traumatic loss than standard mental health practitioners.

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On the border between the states of Arizona and Nevada, in the United States, sits the Hoover Dam, an immaculate project designed to give water and hydroelectric energy to a large part of that region. Taking advantage of the immense power generated by the Colorado River, California-based real estate expert and thoughtful philanthropist Kenny Slaught acknowledges the impact of the miraculous architectural structure on the communities’ supply of water and power resources. Slaught has recently talked about Hoover Dam on his blog at KennySlaught.com, stressing that the massive water capacity of the dam built some of America’s most deserted outposts into fast growing economies.  

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When children experience the loss of a parent, they may feel that their lives will never be the same. They often feel loss and abandonment. As pointed out by Kenny Slaught, “The I Have a Friend mentor program allows these young people to share their feelings with someone who has experienced something very similar.” The individual will have a companion for as long as he or she needs, and can explore some of the most sensitive subjects in an open and supportive environment with the mentor. In turn, the mentor offers support and practical guidance on the hurdles that will come.

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Santa Barbara City College has established a supreme reputation when it comes to training professionals who work in the field of network support. According to Kenny Slaught, “your valued time will be intelligently invested studying this promising and beneficial program.” Network engineers work within a company handling their computer network and providing employees with the best technological applications in connectivity and data management. As it happens with abundant job openings in communications technologies, career opportunities are big and increasing every year.

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Some of the most eminent Santa Barbara architecture includes the centuries old Hotel Virginia, El Pueblo Viejo district in historic downtown and the two pink towers of the Old Mission, which hosts retreats and festivals. Kenny Slaught has explained that the brightly colored tiles of the County Courthouse houses brilliant murals and other striking attributes, and nearby the clock tower and observation deck allow for a panoramic view of the entire city. The Lobero theatre not only houses the regions premier performing arts events but also dates back to 1873 and was rebuilt in the 1920’s by George Washington Smith. These are a few samples of the celebrated past of Santa Barbara, where, because of the founder’s advanced planning, many antique, architecturally sound buildings line the city streets.

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Continued supporter of outreach initiatives, Santa Barbara-based entrepreneur and leading force in the real estate sector, Kenny Slaught gladly embraces Hospice of Santa Barbara’s various initiatives aimed at helping those who suffered hardship in their lives to learn to experience joy and meaningfulness again through empathy and self-care. In keeping with his intentions as a visionary philanthropist, he advocates for the Hospice of Santa Barbara’s Anticipatory Grief Services program and continues to educate the broader public about the importance of social support, particularly for people who have experienced the loss of those closest to them. With this goal, Slaught recently promoted these programs on his blog, available at KennySlaught.com.

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Almost 100 years ago, celebrated architect George Washington Smith inspired the California movement, the Spanish Colonial revival. Smith dropped out of Harvard and eventually worked as a bond trader. Once Smith became a successful worker, he moved to Santa Barbara anticipating a relaxing lifestyle and hoping to work on his painting interests. However, he was taken aback when he learned that everyone loved the house he had built, prompting him to continue creating architectural gems for the city. He only used quality materials from Spain and merged new and old world styles. Today Smith’s works are desired for their simplistic beauty and complex design. He is known as a founding father in the city of Santa Barbara, as many generations of architects have followed his artistic pathway. Kenny Slaught recognizes the keen eye and attention to detail needed to create works of such artistic excellence.

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