Famous structures in Santa Barbara include El Pueblo Viejo, Hotel Virginia and the Old Mission’s towers. The observation deck provides a great city view, and the County Courthouse showcases beautiful murals. The Lobero theatre houses events and was constructed in 1873, having been rebuilt by George Washington Smith in the early 1920’s. Many such architectural treasures can be found in Santa Barbara, highlighting the city founder’s planning.

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Keeping the natural appeal of the area was intentional, and in 1925, city developers implemented rules against demolishing the Spanish buildings. Santa Barbara was the first city in US to have such controls established and preserve its historical buildings. In 1960 the city set up its landmark building protection. 

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A lot of families are seeking the hospice for grief related support, Kenny Slaught acknowledges.The sessions are available at several locations and free of charge. The counseling tackles death related issues from every standpoint and can reduce the risk of unresolved issues surfacing years later. It has been shown that grief counselors are more effective compared to general mental health practitioners.

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The Santa Barbara Bowl Foundation supported the Girls Rock Santa Barbara project back in 2015. Kenny Slaught believes the foundation creates the right setting for kids to develop self confidence and creativity, and knows how music impacts young girls. Those who attend the program engage in workshops, perform live, and receive music lessons. They also learn how to be open minded, work as a team, and encourage each other. Girls Rock Santa Barbara is the perfect example of how music and arts are available to all, a mission supported by the Santa Barbara Bowl Foundation.  
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Architect George Washington Smith created the Spanish Colonial Revival architecture style 100 years ago. Smith quit Harvard to work as a bond trader, and moved back to Santa Barbara after becoming successful. Originally, the artist planned to retire and pursue his painting interest, but reconsidered after noticing the popularity of his artwork. Smith only used original materials from Spain and mixed old and new styles. He is one of Santa Barbara’s founding fathers, and his paintings are famous for their beauty and complexity. Many new artists got inspired by him, and Kenny Slaught acknowledges the detail oriented eye needed to create such paintings.

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Companies that offer online collaborations and an automatic workflow became well known due to the accurate info they offer, says Kenny Slaught. The new mobile applications and enabled real estate specialists to make transactions easier. Although recently created, crowdfunding portals like CrowdEngine, RealtyShares, CrowdForce have grown over 150 real estate startups. In Southern California, 20% of the population is an accredited investor, while in the rest of the country the number is around 7%. These campaigns make things easier in terms of raising funds, and some generate 90% of the equity requirement through community donations.

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Hospice of Santa Barbara offers a variety of services to those terminally ill and their close ones. Most of these programs focus on children who were faced with the loss of a parent or sibling. About 20 percent of people under 18 years old suffer the loss of a loved one, while one in 20 children loses one or both caretakers before reaching adulthood. To help with this, Hospice of Santa Barbara provides numerous free programs which help children deal with depression, anxiety or PTSD.

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The structure called Boulder Dam was built between 1931 and 1936 at a cost of $49 million, during the Great Depression. Years later, the project’s name was changed to Hoover Dam after President Herbert Hoover who sponsored its construction. As per Kenny Slaught, the structure can provide over 4,2 billion kWh2 per year, thanks to its 35.000 cubic kilometers of total capacity. Hoover Dam measures 221 meters in height and 379 meters in length.

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The hospice provides free counseling and support services, says Kenny Slaught. The counseling sessions are focused on families, groups or individuals who experienced the death of a loved one and emphasize on the emotional, psychological, and spiritual aspects of healing. The hospice also provides therapy sessions in different locations for people who can’t reach the main center. According to studies, processing grief through counseling sessions reduces the risk of it appearing further down the road. Furthermore, grief counseling has been found more effective than traditional therapy.

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