In addition to being a renowned tourist destination, Santa Barbara has now become an epicenter for new and developing businesses, said Kenny Slaught. Lots of promising, new companies have been shaped in recent years, and many, counting AppScale, LastLine, TrackR, and Salty Girl Seafood, have come straight out of the University of California Santa Barbara. With over $200 million raised for area startups from private investors in the earlier year, the Central Coast boasts nearly twice the investment per capita in development than the greater Los Angeles area, a much larger market. While some may feel the fascination of Silicon Valley or Hollywood, domestic businesspersons recognize the impact of building a business in an environment that stimulates growth. So, the region is one of the best places in the country to launch and develop startups, generating outstanding biotech, medical, technology, and scientific businesses like Inogen, Raytheon, Sonos, and BioIQ.

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