The early 20th century brought a new architecture style called the Spanish Colonial Revival. Its inspiration came from the former Spanish colonies that were turned into American cities later on. The style can often be found in California, and was used in redesigning the city after the 1925 quake. Architect George Washington Smith moved to Montecito and made it popular. El Pueblo Viejo’s architecture reminds of that of old Paris and Rome. The aim is to preserve history through the Hispanic buildings in a style mostly encountered in Southern Spain. In Santa Barbara both the environment and the materials found locally, helped create these vernacular buildings. Kenny Slaught points out that the Hispanic architecture of the region can be described as “simple, rustically economic, with an outstanding craftsmanship and with an honest expression of materials.” The forms of the Santa Barbara region are functional and face the sun. The surroundings are reflected in the colors used as well: shades of red, yellow, white and orange.

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